• 10% BHA Essence
  • 10% BHA Essence

10% BHA Essence



12 x 5ml

Product details

Fuses both AHA and BHA to work together to deliver fast results against acne.


  • Effectively emulsify blackheads and white bumps. 
  • Beta Hydroxy Acid penetrates deep into pores to exfoliates dead skin cells 
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) reduces wrinkles and surface scars
  • Reduces skin redness and lighten dark pigment


Not suitable for sensitive skin. Stay away from long exposure under direct-sunlight after use.
Reduce usage if skin irritates.

Each box Contains 12 bottles of Essence (each 5ml.)

Recommended: Put 2-4 drops onto the problematic area of skin. 

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