Payment Methods


When you are shopping at and add an item to your bag, it is saved in your Shopping Bag.

The Shopping Bag holds products you wish to purchase while you shop. Items you place in your Shopping Bag will remain there until you purchase them, or remove them.

They may remain there even after you leave our site. However, those items placed in your Shopping Bag that go out of stock before you complete your purchase may be automatically be removed from your Shopping Bag.


Credit Cards Accepted (United States only)
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • Visa

Other Forms Accepted

  • E-Gift Cards
  • Wire Transfer bank ( International; call 212-965-1530 for more Information)

Credit Card ID Number/ CCV

This is a 3- or 4-digit number printed on your card required as an added safeguard for online purchases.

American Express
4-digits; far right on the front of your card.
Visa or MasterCard
3-digits; back of your card near the signature panel.


Promotional Codes

Steps for redeeming a Promotional Code:
a. Enter your Promotional Code during the checkout Payment page
b. Codes are case sensitive.
If your Promotional Code qualifies, your deduction will be displayed in the payment summary. Only one Promotional Code per order will be accepted.
Please note that we reserve the right to cancel orders in the event that an unauthorized promotion code is used.


Sales Tax

Applicable sales tax will be included on all orders based on shipping address. Sales tax amount is estimated until order has shipped and shipping confirmation has been sent. We do not charge sales tax on the purchase of Gift Certificates.
The state and local governments require that we charge tax for items shipped to any state where Beauties City Supplies has a physical presence reside with operations.


Fraud Protection

All payments are subject to verification and review by Beauties City Supplies. Beauties City Supplies reserves the right to refuse to process any transaction, sale or shipment or orders due to suspected fraud or unauthorized or illegal activity or at our discretion.